Turquoise Tulle Skirt for a Girl

Beautiful tulle skirt for a girl to feel like a princess! The skirt is made of two layers of highest-quality of semi-soft Italian tulle, durable, pleasant in touch and feel. It has an extra wide elastic waistband increasing comfort and adapting to child’s growth.

Perfect for any moment of expression for daily use as well as holidays, weddings, parties or as a wonderful gift. Thanks to its simple design, this lovely skirt fits any outfit and accessories. 



  • Composed of two layers of certified semi-soft Italian tulle, lining made from PET, elastic waistband made from PET and elastodien
  • 100% handmade in EU from EU certified fabrics and accessories that are safe for baby skin
  • Produced from fabrics that are dyed in environmentally friendly technology
  • Product label/tag placed in a manner avoiding skin irritation


  • Hand-wash only in cold water
  • Ironing on low temperature (best results by using a clothes steamer, or a hairdryer)


  • Produced in-house by London Design Studio, allowing us to safeguard the highest standard of quality
  • Sawed by hand by women tailors with life-long experience, professionalism and attention to detail
  • 10% of profit is shared with UK charity program supporting children’s fight against cancer (see About Us section) 


Our studio reserves up to 2 weeks for the fulfilment of the order plus shipping time which depends on the destination. Please contact us before ordering in case of any questions about more accurate delivery time.  

If you have any request for customisation (e.g. length, other colour of fabric, waistband)  - contact us and we will be delighted to accommodate your request if possible. 

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